Parallax Columns


Module to create vertically scrolling tiles with parallax effect that solves problem of uneven tiles.

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Parallax Columns

Divi Module to Create Vertically scrolling tiles with parallax effect.

Simple WordPress Plugin Install.

Reinventing the Tile

The Parallax Scrolling Tiles Module allows you to add unlimited tiles in a 2 column layout for vertical scrolling.

It is a perfect way to display all your product info or benefits in a clean manner.

Solves all your Tile frustrations

Uneven tile lengths driving you up the wall? Sick of trying to get an odd number of tiles to work with your grid? The Parallax Scrolling Tile Module has you covered.

The subtle parallax effect allows all your tiles to finish perfectly flush at the bottom once you have finished scrolling. It is a neat solution to a messy problem.

Mobile Responsive

The Parallax Scrolling Tiles Module is responsively designed, maintaining a 2 column layout for Desktop & Tablet. It automatically and seamlessly breaks into a 1 column layout on mobile.

Add Images and Links

The Parallax Scrolling Tiles Module is perfect for adding product images or other prominent images you want to show off on your site. Add a link to the image with a click of a button to take the user to a product page or anywhere you want!

Perfect for that dreaded uneven Tile

In fact the parallax effect looks even more pronounced when one column has more tiles. We recommend using uneven column lengths or placing your longer tiles in the same column to make the ‘wow’ effect greater.