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22 different overlay and hover effects plus a multitude of image, text and button options.

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Image Intense

Image Intense is one of the most comprehensive and full-featured modules ever created for Divi and Extra. It incorporates features from 3 of the native Divi modules – Image, Text and Button – and then adds many additional UI/UX enhancements.

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With it, you have the power to bring “above and beyond” life to your website with one of 22 different image hover transitions, mix blend modes, buttons, opacity settings and several other great features. Use it to entice increased user interaction or motivate with call-to-action elements on a basic e-commerce site that will drive visitors to purchase!

How about coupon reveals or beautiful blend modes on hover? Image Intense is as powerful as you are creative. The features and style options with this custom Divi module are truly compelling. Like the game of chess – simple yet eloquent at the basic level, but astonishingly overwhelming at the master level.

With just a few options, you have a site to look twice at. With some experience, you have a site that draws attention beyond a glance and into the realm of retention and lowered bounce rate.

Each Image Intense you put into your site will come with the native Divi CSS classes along with all the beautiful custom classes for each hover type. Customizing each module even further with your own CSS is a breeze! There is no need for you to copy and paste HTML, add classes or any other information. Out of the box, Image Intense works just by selecting whatever options you want to use, right from within the module editor. It couldn’t be any easier!

The Image Intense module allows you to specify links just like the native module (none, lightbox, same tab or new tab). Plus you can embed links within the text you create for the module, or you can use a CTA button as a link as well.

You can even specify the native Divi animations – left to right, top to bottom, fade in, etc.! What are you waiting for? Image Intense is sure to set your site apart from all the rest. It’s a multi-site license, which means you only have to purchase once and you can use it on as many sites as you’d like!