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Gives you access to almost 2000 Font Awesome and Material Icons directly in the Divi Builder.

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Divi Icon King

Divi Icon King gives you access to almost 2000 Font Awesome and Material Icons directly in the Divi Builder, so you can easily apply them natively to blurbs, buttons and galleries.

With all of those new icons, it’s going to be a lot to sort though to find the find the one icon you’re looking for – that’s why I’ve built custom filters AND a search box so you can quickly find the perfect icon for your element.

Most other icon plugins are great about helping you to load libraries like Font Awesome on your website, but actually using the icons involved writing custom CSS for each icon you wanted to use.

And if a client wanted to change an icon? That was a whole ordeal.


This plugin IS compatible with both the Divi and Extra themes.

This plugin is NOT compatible with the Visual Builder (Yet. We’re waiting on Elegant Themes to release their developer documentation.)

This plugin is also NOT compatible with Font Awesome 5 Pro until we can determine a safe way to protect Font Awesome’s intellectual property and only provide pro icons to those who hold a pro license.

This plugin is compatible with the Divi Breadcrumbs module as well as the Divi Web Design Slider Animate plugin.

If you purchase this plugin and find it’s conflicting with another plugin, definitely let me know about it and I’ll do my best to make the plugins compatible. I want Divi Icon King to play nice with as many 3rd party Divi plugins as possible. We’re all in this together!

Forward Thinking

This plugin was built without creating any custom modules that would need to be maintained, meaning it’s compatible with all of the core Divi modules that let you choose an icon for something.

It also means there is less potential for conflict and hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if it even worked with 3rd party plugins, providing they follow Divi’s coding practices.